Our objective is consistent value creation for our investors with known downside risk. We make our investment expertise available to a broad range of institutional investors through bespoke macro and sovereign investment advisory services.

Asset Management

Our transparent, risk-focused, and fundamentals-driven investment process is designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns in the post financial crisis markets landscape:


  • Award winning bottom-up Emerging Markets analysis techniques deployed on both Developed and Emerging Markets
  • Strong emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative macro and markets analysis
  • Excellent understanding of political developments in combination with on-the-ground information gathering through our broad network of policy contacts
  • Oversight of investment activities by an independent, dedicated risk team
  • Proven trading and execution capabilities leveraging off the breadth and depth of Ithuba Capital's human capital, systems infrastructure and risk management platform Aquantec Ocean

Ithuba Capital's investment professionals have worked with each other for many years, creating a strong track record converting their expertise into successful absolute return investment strategies across asset classes.

Macro and Sovereign Investment Advisory

We make our expertise and processes available to a broad range of clients through tailored macro and sovereign investment advisory. We offer independent sovereign credit advisory to institutional investors to help them navigate the changing nature of EMU government risk and facilitate investments in a broader sovereign credit universe, as well as harnessing opportunities and mitigating risk in the foreign exchange and interest rates space.