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Terms of Use

These Legal Notices apply to the usage of all information and services provided by Ithuba Capital AG ("Ithuba") over the internet (the "Website"). If you do not agree with these Legal Notices, we kindly ask you to refrain from accessing the Website. 


Protected Content

All content of the Website is legally protected. All rights in the content, in particular, without limitation copyrights, are owned by Ithuba or its licensors and suppliers. Each act of usage, in particular, without limitation, copying, distributing, linking, sending, making available, or changing any content, in particular texts and images, is only permitted upon Ithuba's explicit written consent, except for the printing, downloading or saving of parts of the Website to the extent (i) permitted by mandatory provisions of the Austrian Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz) or (ii) made available on the Website explicitly for such purposes, in each case however only provided the content is not changed. In particular, copyright notices and other legally protected names and designations may not be removed or changed. ©2008-2013 Ithuba Capital AG.


Responsibility for Content

Ithuba makes reasonable maintenance efforts in respect of the information on the Website. The information comes from sources which are considered to be reliable by Ithuba, however have not been independently verified. Therefore, no liability, warranty or guarantee whatsoever is assumed or given by Ithuba in respect of its accuracy or completeness, it being up-to-date or for the accuracy of forward-looking statements. Ithuba is free to change or amend any information made available on the Website at any time.


Under no circumstances may Ithuba, its employees, members or other representatives be held liable for any losses, damages, cost or other expenses of any kind (including consequential and indirect damages and loss of profits), incurred from or in connection with accessing this Website or any other website linked to from this Website, from using or relying on any content of the Website, or from technical malfunctions or its unavailability.


Except as otherwise provided for by mandatory law, Ithuba assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of websites of third parties referred to from the Website of Ithuba (in particular by way of hyperlinks). Ithuba is under no circumstances whatsoever responsible for the availability or functionality of linked websites of third parties.


No Offer

No content of this Website constitutes an offer to buy or sell, an invitation to tender, investment advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or subscribe any financial instrument. It is of indicative and informative nature only and cannot be relied upon as the basis of any agreement with, or any obligation of Ithuba, or any investment decision of the user of this Website. In certain cases, information may qualify as marketing information in accordance with the Securities Supervision Act (Wertpapieraufsichtsgesetz). Any offer made by Ithuba is always based exclusively on the relevant offering prospectus or, in case no prospectus is required, such other offering document explicitly declared to be binding by Ithuba.

The information made available on this Website is of general nature only, cannot take into account any individual requirements, in particular in terms of yield, tax effects or risk profile, and cannot substitute individual advice. Users of this Website should consult their own advisers (in particular legal and tax advisers) to ensure that certain products, services or strategies meet their needs and expectations, and that they have fully understood the associated risks.

In any case, all information, materials and services made available on this Website are only intended for persons not subject to any legal restrictions in this regard. The users of this Website shall inform themselves about, and comply with any such restrictions.


Forward-Looking Statements

This Website may contain forward-looking statements. Due to the realization of known or unknown risks, uncertainties or other events, it is possible that the actual future events differ substantially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements on this Website.

Past performance is not a reliable indication of future developments. Any information, analysis or forecasts made available on this Website is based on knowledge and information and a market assessment as of the time it is made available. Ithuba is not obliged to update or amend any information. Any applicable tax information is dependent on individual personal circumstances and may be subject to future changes.


Restrictions of Use

The information made available on the Website may only be retrieved in a way and manner which does not compromise the use of this Website by other users. Linking to this Website from other websites without prior written approval by Ithuba is not permitted. Without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, it is not permitted to integrate pages which are part of this Website, or their content, in whole or in part, into another website (e.g. in a frame).


Other Terms and Conditions

Users maintaining a business relationship with Ithuba are also subject to the applicable agreement and/or general terms and conditions of Ithuba.

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